Our Story

Sunbleached started off as a pipe dream back in 2022. I packed up my ute and decided to travel all over Aus. What started off as a 6 month trip quickly developed into an 18 month journey where I learned to live a more simple life. I found myself looking for a creative outlet. This is where Sunbleached was born.

Having always worn jewellery, I hadn't found a ring that could withstand all the harsh conditions of living on the road and still look great. This need of 'life-proof' jewellery gave me the inspiration needed to create solid, great quality rings now known as Sunbleached.

Fast-track to today - I've hit the road again to live the lifestyle we all crave, while still selling rings out the back of my Troopcarrier. If you see me on the road say g'day!!

Our collection has been created to share our love for the surf/travel lifestyle. Which means you know it will last in all conditions you throw at it.